Timothy Taylor, longtime writer of the Conversable Economist blog, recently posted a piece about the efficacy of incorporating video into introductory economics classes. Taylor touted that “[using video clips in intro lectures] can be a useful practice because it gives [the students] a sense that they are being introduced to a universe of economists, not just to one professor and a textbook.”

Taylor then goes on to explain how¬†Amanda Bayer and Judy Chevalier have compiled video clips that would be most useful in an “Intro to Economics” class. Selecting the highlights of the compiled clips, Taylor noted that Dean Graddy’s work on the Fulton Fish Market in NYC could¬†“easily be incorporated into an intro presentation.” He then cited her 2006 article on the same subject which was featured in the Spring issue of the Journal of Economic Perspectives.

Read Taylor’s entire blog post here.

Read Dean Graddy’s article about the Fulton Fish Market from the Spring 2006 issue of the Journal of Economic Perspectives here.


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