Published November 9, 2021, Professor Nader Habibi‘s article China’s Economic and Strategic Relations with the Levant Region explores the increasing economic, technology, and infrastructure investments China has been making in the area since 2000.

Egypt, Israel, Iraq, Jordan, Turkey, and Syria, the countries Prof. Habibi concentrates on in his study, have all enjoyed substantial and mounting Sino investment in their economies over the past twenty years. He states in this Panorama feature that China is shifting her focus carefully, from nation to nation. Whilst Turkey has the largest economy, Egypt is receiving more of China’s overall financial attention because of its value “as a manufacturing and export center for access to European and African markets.” However, it seems that the Chinese government recognizes potential in each country individually at the same time as it sees the value in supporting the whole Levant region, as it tries to expand its global influence.


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