Nader Habibi summarizes his article below: “On June 14, 2013, Iran will hold its 11th presidential election to replace Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. During his two terms in office, Ahmadinejad implemented a number of broad economic reforms and policies that have had a profound effect on socioeconomic conditions in Iran. In this Brief, Prof. Nader Habibi explores […]

Professor Hall and Professor Thomas Sargent, a 2011 Nobel Prize Winner in Economics from NYU, ask the question “Can we learn from previous instances of fiscal prioritisation?” in their article “Fiscal Prioritisation: Lessons from Three Wars.” Hall & Sargent go on to write, “This column surveys the US Treasury’s response to three wars – the […]

Professor Habibi’s  work on trade in the Middle East is forthcoming in the Journal of Economic Cooperation and Development. The title of the paper is “Role of Geopolitics in Import Shares of Leading Trade Partners in GCC Import Markets.”  A Summary of the work is included below. In recent years, the high prices of crude […]

Nancy Scott of Brandeis’s Fine Arts Department writes about the history of the Rose Art museum, with a focus on the crisis that occurred in 2009.  Her complete article can be found here.   Professor Scott is currently co-teaching Economics of the Arts (Econ/FA 87a) with Professor Kathryn Graddy of the Economics Department. Professor Scott’s article […]

Professor Pettenuzzo’s latest work on the econometrics of policy analysis is forthcoming in the Journal of Econometrics. The title of the paper is  “Granger Causality, Exogeneity, Cointegration, and Economic Policy Analysis”, and is joint work with Halbert White (UCSD). One of the most important roles of econometric models is to help understanding the effectiveness of […]

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