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Kinosita Award

Jeff received the 2019 Kazuhiko Kinosita Award in Single-Molecule Biophysics from the Biophysical Society.  The award is named after Prof. Kazuhiko Kinosita, Jr. who was a much-admired pioneer of single-molecule biophysics, famous for his creative and intellectually rigorous approach to science. His research revealed key features of how molecular motors operate and how cells make ATP.  Students will enjoy this public lecture from the January 2015 Single Molecule Biophysics conference in which Prof. Kinosita talks about his work:

Video: Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Studies lecture

In February, Jeff gave a public lecture on “Seeing the Birth of an RNA Molecule” at the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Studies.  This talk, intended for a scholarly audience consisting of both scientists and non-scientists, used single-molecule studies of transcription as examples of how visualization of molecular behavior has led to new insight into the mechanisms of fundamental molecular processes in biology.

Radcliffe Fellow

During Jeff’s sabbatical in 2016-17, he will be a Fellow at the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study at Harvard University, working on a project to study eukaryotic mRNA synthesis and matuaration mechanisms using single-molecule fluorescence methods.  In addition to this new project he will also be spending time each week at Brandeis working with students and other scientists on the lab’s ongoing projects including those supported by NIH and the Mathers Foundation.  (The lab will be accepting Ph.D. students for rotation projects during 2016-17.)

Grant renewal: Molecular mechanisms coordinating the actin and microtubule cytoskeletons

The National Institute of General Medical Sciences, National Institutes of Health, has awarded a four-year renewal of “Molecular mechanisms coordinating the actin and microtubule cytoskeletons”. This grant funds a joint research project of Jeff Gelles’ and Bruce Goode’s labs at Brandeis.  The project is to determine the molecular processes by which microtubule and actin networks interact to control the architecture and dynamics of eukaryotic cells.  The project has resulted in numerous publications co-authored by members of the two labs, and we are grateful for the opportunity to continue this research.nigms_logo

Grant renewal: Single-molecule visualization of transcription regulation mechanisms

The National Institute of General Medical Sciences, National Institutes ofnigms_logo Health, recently awarded a four-year renewal of our grant “Single-molecule visualization of transcription regulation mechanisms”.  This award funds Gelles Lab research on the molecular bases of DNA transcription and gene regulation in both bacteria and in eukaryotic organisms.