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December 16, 2013

Conservation Leadership Through Learning

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Conservation Leadership Through Learning (CLTL) is a Master of Science graduate degree through Colorado State University (CSU). CLTL integrates interdisciplinary university education with real-world action. Students learn natural sciences, social sciences, management, and leadership skills both in and out of the classroom. They spend two semesters at CSU, then seven months at a field site in either Belize, Kenya, Peru, and Mexico. The studies include intensive, cohort-based experiences of 20-25 students, allowing for personalized learning.

If you are interested in applying, you can find the CSU Graduate School Application Form online here. The application requires a $50 application fee, GRE scores, official transcripts, letters of recommendation, a resume or CV, and an essay.

Click here for more information!

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December 13, 2013

Brandeis Sustainability Fund Awards

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Dear friends of the BSF,

We are excited to announce the following projects have been awarded funding by the Brandeis Sustainability Fund for the 2013-2014 academic year. Congratulations, student project leaders!

And thank you to the BSF Board members for their participation in this year’s project selection process, as well as other staff, faculty and students students who helped shepherd the projects through the application process.

BSF Co-Chair Flora Wang will be working with the Project Leaders to implement their projects this upcoming semester with support from many of you. Details on each project will be posted soon on the BSF website: go.brandeis.edu/bsf. If you have any questions or comments, please direct them to me and Flora (feurekaw@brandeis.edu) or to student project leaders.

Quick, Bike For Shelter!
Project Leader: Nicholas Medina
Awarded Amount: $25,000
To continue to encourage bicycle use as an alternative and healthy form of transportation, this will fund 3 new bike shelters with racks and 2 bicycle self-repair stations. Proposed locations are the Charles River Quad and the Foster Mods. DeisBikes will promote both the use of the shelters and the “fixit” stands, and develop workshops for bicycle maintenance using the “fixit” stations.
Subsidize MBTA Passes
Project Leader: Ameline Limorin
Awarded Amount: $10,000
This pilot project will provide 200 fifty-dollar ($50) MBTA passes to undergraduates as an incentive to use public transportation to travel to and from campus instead of using cars. The goal is to collect information on how to increase public transit use by students and figure out how to scale up the project.
TapBrandeis 2.0
Project Leaders: Sara Taylor, Jeremy Goodman, Emma Balmuth-Loris
Awarded Amount: $10,000
Building on the project from last year to encourage use of reusable bottles and discourage single-use plastic bottles, 4 more bottle filling stations will be installed on campus thanks to this BSF project. Locations to be finalized. Students were also granted funding to purchase reusable water bottles for the entire incoming class of 2014.  
Dual-Flush Toilets
Project Leader: Anna Bessendorf, Nate Shaffer
Awarded Amount: $16,500
100 toilets in five first year residence hall buildings will be retrofitted with Dual-Flush kits that should reduce water use by 30%. Project leaders hope to get first year students comfortable with this new technology from the very start of their time at the University. The Student Union Sustainability Committee will help to complement the project with educational initiatives to ensure proper use.
Little Green Libraries
Project Leader: Jaime Kaiser
Awarded Amount: $425.35
Students will install two Little “Green” Libraries – free book exchanges constructed out of re-purposed materials – to promote the value of recycled, reused, and refurbished products. Locations to be determined.

December 5, 2013

Fall Internship Symposium

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This Wednesday, the Environmental Internship Symposium will happen in Heller G1 at 6:30pm! For more information, please view the flyer below.

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