January 20, 2020

2019 HBI Research Awards

HBI is proud to announce our 2019 Research Award recipients. HBI awards grants to support research or artistic projects in Jewish women’s and gender studies across a range of disciplines. Awards are made to graduate students, early career, and established researchers. This year, HBI gave out 16 awards totaling $53,150.

Debra Caplan, Baruch College – CUNY

Make Them Laugh: Molly Picon and the Story of the American Jewish Stage

Sandra Chiritescu, Columbia University

Yiddish Traces in American-Jewish Feminism? English and Yiddish Life-Writing 1970-present

Ariel Cohen, University of Virginia

Displaying Art and Exhibiting Philanthropy: Jews, Gender, and Museums in the United States, 1888 – 1958

Jewlia Eisenberg, Independent Performer

LA Archivera – An Exploration and Celebration of the Archive of Emily Sene

Elia Etkin, Ben Gurion University

Women in the Neighborhood Women as Neighbors: Neighborliness and the Everyday of Urban Jewish Women in British Mandate Palestine

Emma Gonzalez-Lesser, University of Connecticut

Becoming Jewish: Gendered Ethno-Racial Subjectivities and Jews by Choice

Hana Green, Clark University

Cloaked Survival: Jewish Women “Passing” As Aryan During the Holocaust

Rachel Harris & Gila Silverman, University of Illinois – Urbana & University of Arizona

Impact of Gender on Career Trajectories in Israel Studies

Isabelle Headrick, University of Texas – Austin

A Family in Iran: Networks of Love, Learning, and Work in the Alliance Israélite Universelle in Iran, 1908-1978

Lindsey Jackson, Concordia University

Uncut: Ritual Engagement, Adaptation, and Rejection of Brit Milah in Canada and United States

Michal Lemberger, Independent Writer

Jezebel: A Novel

Sarah Lightman, Birbeck, University of London

Dressing Eve and Other Reparative Acts (University of Penn State Press, 2021)

Rivka Neriya-Ben Shahar, Sapir Academic College

Nodes, Edges and Ties: Online and Offline Social Networks of Smartphone Users among Ultra-Orthodox Jewish Women

Hannah Pressman, University of Washington

Galante’s Daughter: A Sephardic Family Journey

Shana Strauch Schick, Yeshiva University

Being and Doing: Legal Versus Narrative Standing of Women in Eretz Israel and Babylonian Texts

Kerry Wallach, Gettysburg College

Rahel Szalit-Marcus, a Jewish Artist in Berlin and Paris

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