March 23, 2018

All Genders Wrap

Rachel Putterman, academic adviser for HBI’s summer internship program and a rabbinical student at Hebrew College, struggled to learn how to put on tefillin. After asking a couple friends to show her how and still not getting it, she went on YouTube, and was shocked to discover that almost all the videos depicted only cis men wrapping tefillin. To fill this glaring gap, Putterman decided to make a high-quality instructional video showing a diverse group of 10 Jews of all genders (including trans and non-binary) demonstrating how to put on tefillin.  She is now raising funds through an Indiegogo campaign to create the video, All Genders Wrap. Putterman’s goal for the video is to empower Jews of all genders to engage in the holy practice of wearing tefillin.

For another perspective on tefillin and other Jewish ritual objects, visit HBI’s art exhibit, A Fringe of Her Own: A Collection of Ritual Objects for Women.

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