March 4, 2021

There’s always room for one more…

By Michelle Cove

cover_v7_i6When we created 614 almost seven years ago, we liked the name “614,” which was packed with important meaning. Of course, we hadn’t counted on just how many people wouldn’t “get it” and ask us to explain. So let’s start with this: Can you guess what’s behind our name?

Hint: It has something to do with commandments…

So if your brain got to “Well, there are 613 mitzot in the Torah,” you’re almost there. The idea of “614” is that there is always room for exploration, and we wanted this magazine to encourage Jewish women to think about new ways to live our lives. It’s not that we believe the Torah got it wrong (or that we need more commandments) but rather that we should keep discussing how we make choices. So for the upcoming issue of 614 later this month, we asked five contributors to tell us what they think would be a good 614th commandment for Jewish women.

One contributor talks about how No. 614 should be about Jews better respecting the various practices of other Jews and why. Another believes No. 614 should be about synagogues letting in Jews who can’t afford annual dues based on her own personal experiences. Yet another contributor states No. 614 should be that Jewish women need to change Jewish rituals that don’t feel personally meaningful to them. Okay, that last one is mine. As the editor of 614, I wanted in on this fascinating conversation, and I can tell you that the potential ideas in this issue have been swirling around my idea.

Sign up at (which is free, by the way, if you’re not already getting it) and see which 614th most grabs your attention—and whether you are inspired to come up with one of our own. If you do, we’d love to hear it so make sure you tell us by posting it in our comments section. Until then, happy exploring.


Michelle Cove is the editor of

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