Apr 26 2010

How to set up Thunderbird for Gmail

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Nick Ragusa found this post on how to set up Thunderbird to work well with Gmail.

This is a must read for anyone who wants to use Thunderbird!

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  1. R. Lynn Rardinon 13 Dec 2010 at 8:30 am

    I found the way in which Gmail labels are translated to Thunderbird folders to be annoying. Instead of all of the Gmail System labels appearing at the top level under the server name, Inbox appears at the top level, while the other System labels appear as “sub-folders” of [Gmail]. You can follow these steps to resolve this admittedly cosmetic flaw in Thunderbird:

    1) Setting the IMAP server directory to [Gmail] in Tools -> Account Settings… -> Server Settings -> Advanced… causes the Drafts, Sent Mail, All Mail, Spam, Trash and Starred System labels/folders to be displayed in Thunderbird as peers of the Inbox folder, rather than sub-folders of [Gmail]. This effectively gets rid of the [Gmail] container in Thunderbird, moving the contents up to the top level.

    2) Step 1 leads to existing non-System labels and new labels created using the Gmail web interface to be invisible in Thunderbird. To get around this problem, either create new labels using Thunderbird or prepend [Gmail]/ to the name when creating a new label via the web interface. Labels created in this way will appear in the Gmail web interface as [Gmail]/newlabelname, so the solution isn’t perfect. It simply moves the cosmetic problem to the web interface. For someone who uses Thunderbird most of the time and only occasionally uses the web interface, that’s good enough.

    This MozillaZine post is worth a read: http://kb.mozillazine.org/Using_Gmail_with_Thunderbird_and_Mozilla_Suite

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