May 11 2010

People’s name in Google

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The Google account sync gets information about people (such as their name and email address) from the Brandeis directory and stores it in Google. Unfortunately there seem to be some issues with names. Primarily what’s noticeable is that when someone has a space in their first name, all that’s ending up in Google are the characters before the space!

Doing a quick search, there are literally thousands of people at Brandeis with a space in their first name! Sounds like something we should rectify, eh?

I’m working with my co-workers on improving how names gets from Brandeis to Google. The good news is it’s getting us thinking and working towards improving some identity management items. While it shouldn’t be a huge deal to correct, I didn’t anticipate this problem and the time/effort to correct it!

If your name looks incorrect in Google please be patient as we work to setup a better way of sending Google our names.

UPDATE: We are now syncing names in a better manner! If your name still looks incorrect let us know.

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