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May 12 2010

Google App Status Page

You may have noticed the side bar feed from Google’s app status page, but the feed doesn’t do the status page any justice.

The status page provides the current status for all of Google’s services and up to date information on any issues they are having. This is a good place to check first if you are having problems accessing any of the Google services.

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May 06 2010

Good help isn’t hard to find

LTS is laying the groundwork for some special support services that will ease the Brandeis community’s transition to Google Apps.

Skilled assistance and support. LTS will shortly establish a dedicated Google help center in the Goldfarb Library.  Members of the community will be able to get help with Google Apps by phone, via email, and in-person.  The LTS Help Desk staff will also provide additional expert technical assistance.

Online documentation. Google provides a wealth of documentation for Google Apps.  LTS staff will create a special website that organizes these materials and makes it easy for Brandeis community members to find needed information.

Workshops.  LTS will offer weekly workshops to help community members become skilled with Google Calendar and Google Mail.  Starting in late May, these workshops will be offered throughout the coming summer and academic year as needed.

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May 05 2010

Multiple Google Notifiers

One of my favorite features of Bmail was the Zimbra Toaster. It was a simple, but helpful pop-up notification whenever I received a new e-mail. Super useful when not browsing my e-mail client, but annoying (and potentially embarrassing) when giving a presentation.

Google’s toaster equivalent is the Google Notifier (also available for Windows I believe). I’ve been using this nifty little menu bar app for my personal account for as long as I can remember but was concerned I couldn’t run a second instance for my Brandeis Google Apps account. After a quick Google search, I stumbled upon this article from From the site:

  1. Duplicate the Google Notifier application.
  2. Select the duplicate, control-click on its icon, and choose Show Package Contents from the pop-up menu.
  3. Navigate into Contents, and then open Info.plist in an editor.
  4. There is a property in that file called CFBundleIdentifier, with the value Change the property’s value instead.
  5. Save your change and quit the editor.

Apparently you can also change the icon, but you need developer tools to do so. I think I can live with the same icon for now.

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Apr 27 2010

Beware invitations in gmail!!

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Gmail has a nice link that allows you to quickly add an invitation to your email. COOL!!! I get a lot of mail asking if I can meet with people.

I sent 8 of these yesterday! – too bad they don’t work correctly.

If you use the gmail interface they seem to work properly, however if you do not the link sent will take you to a non hosted google page.. Bad…

Invites from the calendar work correctly.

If your email client handles the ICS file well it also should work…

See this Google discussion post by me.

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