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May 06 2010

Good help isn’t hard to find

LTS is laying the groundwork for some special support services that will ease the Brandeis community’s transition to Google Apps.

Skilled assistance and support. LTS will shortly establish a dedicated Google help center in the Goldfarb Library.  Members of the community will be able to get help with Google Apps by phone, via email, and in-person.  The LTS Help Desk staff will also provide additional expert technical assistance.

Online documentation. Google provides a wealth of documentation for Google Apps.  LTS staff will create a special website that organizes these materials and makes it easy for Brandeis community members to find needed information.

Workshops.  LTS will offer weekly workshops to help community members become skilled with Google Calendar and Google Mail.  Starting in late May, these workshops will be offered throughout the coming summer and academic year as needed.

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Apr 25 2010

About This Blog

We will be posting all kinds of details to this blog. Some may be very technical in nature, others whimsical or sarcastic!

The idea is to provide transparency into the process LTS is going through to move Brandeis to Google Apps.

You will find:

  • tips and tricks
  • unofficial guides
  • unsupported and untested processes
  • meeting minutes
  • all kinds of unofficial information.

If you are looking for tested supported information you should look at the main page for links to our official documents.

Why the difference?

We have found that there are things that work for an individual, but not for everyone. Also sometimes there are things that are too technical or fraught with peril for the Brandeis population at large. Our official ways have been tested and are often the most broadly supported way to do something.

I could say

“Don’t try this at home, We here at LTS are experts…”

but I should probably say

“This worked for me, if it doesn’t work for you don’t call, but feel free to post a comment!!”

That said, please don’t try anything you read here on stuff that really really matters to you or to the rest of the University unless you know what you are doing and can risk the consequences.

Happy Experimenting!


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