half-wayMy husband made a comment the other day that I am working really hard at my course for not getting a degree. Little does he know that I haven’t quite ruled that out yet (sshhh!) and even though I’m not getting a degree, why shouldn’t I work hard? Although I’m not admitted into a program, this course is for “professional development”, that basically means I’m taking the course for my job, so I should work hard! Let me tell you, I have no choice I HAVE to work hard with this course.  I spend most of my weeknights reading and posting and now that we started group work, I’m meeting virtually with my team/group weekly. Just the other night, I had to lock myself in my bedroom so my kids wouldn’t accidentally introduce themselves during our meeting. This is tough with other obligations but now with week 4 of the course, I can proudly say I’m almost half way through and finally found a good routine for participating.

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