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This Tuesday, September 22nd at 7pm

Brandeis GPS presents the Special Event Webinar via Adobe Connect

Pitch Perfect™: How to Tailor Your Thought Leadership, Branding and News Outreach to Capture Interest and Build News Stories

Led by Christine Dunn, Founder and President of ArcPoint Strategic Communications

How you pitch a story to the news media can make or break whether or not journalists pick up the story. Maximize your success by understanding the news cycle, the newsroom, the different types and styles of writers, and how to tailor your outreach to best meet the needs of those writers. Understand how a bit of research up front can greatly increase the efficiency and efficacy of your outreach efforts; why aligning strategic communications and public relations with overall business goals is critical to success; and how to evaluate and interact with the media to tell the story you want to tell.

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ChristineDunn-ArcPointWebinar9.22Christine Dunn is an award-winning media strategist who has received global recognition for her multimedia campaigns. In 2014, she formed ArcPoint Strategic Communications to offer media advisory and education services to senior executives. She honed her skills at Bloomberg News, working as a reported, editor and senior manager, in Bureau Chief of Boston, the company’s second-largest market in North American. Christine also serves on the Executive Committee of Tufts University’s Entrepreneurship and Leadership Program Advisory Board.
Connect with ArcPoint Strategic Communications on Twitter at @ArcPointSC and by visiting their website, www.arcpointstrategy.com