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Study digital marketing ethics online at Brandeis

Did you know that Brandeis GPS offers courses for professional development? Enroll in an online course this fall and network with new colleagues in a 10-week, seminar-style online classroom capped at 20 students. Registration is now open and we’re celebrating by profiling our favorite fall courses.

Get an introduction to the ethical dilemmas marketers face as they navigate an ever-changing digital landscape. With this 10-week, graduate-level course, you’ll learn to work through the implications of various actions, such as:

  • “Black hat” techniques used for tricking search engines
  • Posing as customers on social media and other digital networks
  • Using questionable or “sneaky” advertising channels as pop-ups and plug-ins


Fall courses run Sept. 14-Nov. 22. Whether you’re looking to complete a full degree or advance your career through professional development, this course is designed to equip you with the necessary skills for making an impact in any industry or organization.

How it works:
Take a part-time, online course this fall without enrolling in one of our graduate programs. If you like what you learn and want to continue your education, you can apply your credits from this fall toward a future degree. Questions? Contact our enrollment team at or 781-736-8787 or fill out our first-time registration form and we’ll be in touch.


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