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Month: January 2017

SPOTLIGHT ON JOBS: Zhao Laboratory, Hospital for Special Surgery


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Where: Zhao Research Laboratory at the Hospital for Special Surgery and Weill Cornell Medical College in New York, NY

The Zhao Lab is particularly interested in the key inflammatory cytokine TNF-mediated osteoclastogenesis and bone resorption. By comparing with the physiological osteoclastogenic inducer RANKL, the lab has aimed to distinguish and identify novel regulators, for example IRF-8 and RBP-J, that predominantly control pathological bone resorption, thereby providing specific therapeutic targets for clinic with minimal side effects on physiological bone remodeling. The lab employs a combination of molecular and cellular approaches as well as various mouse models, including the inflammatory arthritis model and osteoporosis model for our research. Besides the coding genes, the lab recently challenged a new field- genome wide study of non-coding RNAs (ncRNAs). By using modern genomic approaches including second-generation deep sequencing and bioinformatics analysis they have successfully identified a few promising novel ncRNAs that were unable to reveal by traditional methods. The lab has opened a pioneering research area studying non-coding genes in osteoclast biology and osteolysis.

Position: Bioinformatician

Position Details: 

Seeking a laboratory technician who is interested in and has expertise in epigenetic and genome-wide studies. The lab uses bone marrow macrophages as osteoclast precursors and study the role of TNF and Notch/RBP-J signaling in their differentiation process. Competitive salary and an excellent benefits package (Medical, Dental, Life insurances and housing supplement) are available and will commensurate with experience and accomplishments.


  • Recent master’s in bioinformatics, biostatistics, or a related field
  • A record of peer reviewed publications
  • Have expertise in the analysis of ChIP-seq or RNA-seq , clustering, and pathway enrichment
  • Knowledge of R, Python, or Perl
  • Familiarity with molecular biology is preferred
  • High level of motivation and the ability to think critically

To receive full consideration for this position, candidates are asked to submit a CV, copies of a publication, and three references to to or

Please make sure to reference seeing this position through the Brandeis GPS job spotlight post.

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Analytics and tech dominate 2017 top jobs list

If you’re a data scientist, you’re lucky enough to possess what Glassdoor calls the best job of 2017.

The online recruiting site released its annual top jobs list earlier this week, and it’s no surprise that data analytics dominated the majority of the positions in the top 10.

“We suddenly have a new and abundant resource that previously didn’t exist on such a scale: data — big data,” said Ellen Murphy, director of program development at Brandeis University’s division of Graduate Professional Studies (GPS). “Individuals with the skills and knowledge on how to mine this resource, refine this resource and use it strategically, are what industries are demanding. The need for data specialists will only continue to grow and expand.”

According to EAB, Glassdoor researchers examined user data and member profiles and assigned job ratings based on three primary criteria: median annual base salaries, overall job satisfaction and the number of openings for each position. Here’s Glassdoor’s top 10 jobs with median base salary and job score:

  1. Data Scientist, $110,000, 4.8/5
  2. DevOps Engineer, $110,000, 4.7/5
  3. Data Engineer, $106,000, 4.7/5
  4. Tax Manager, $110,000, 4.7/5
  5. Analytics Manager, $112,000, 4.6/5
  6. HR Manager, $85,000, 4.6/5
  7. Database Administrator, $93,000, 4.5/5
  8. Strategy Manager, $130,000, 4.5/5
  9. UX Designer, $92,500, 4.4/5
  10. Solutions Architect, $125,000, 4.4/5

View Glassdoor’s full list of the 50 best jobs in America here.

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