Faculty: Dr. Annie Shebanow

Program: Healthcare Analytics Master’s Certificate

Bio: Dr. Annie Shebanow has many years of technology and business leadership experience. She holds a Doctor of Computer Science degree. Annie has worked with doctoral students online as a dissertation committee member and was a lead faculty at Colorado Technical University. She has designed technical courses for various universities – Foundation Data Analytics, Network Security, Advanced Networking Systems, Information Forensic, Data Security, Data Mining, Business Intelligence, Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery, Data Analytics capstone course. On the business side, Annie has founded six technology companies.

What do you do as an instructor to help students get up to speed learning new coding languages (Python, R, etc.) and analytics tools, especially if they do not have technical backgrounds?

When I teach a programming language, I start with very basic tasks in the language to get students comfortable with the syntax then build upon the prior tasks every week.

As an instructor, in the beginning of the term I meet with my students often on Zoom sessions to get them up to speed with the course material and the programming language. I share many examples of how to write a code to conduct a particular function. To learn analytics methods and tools, I start with fundamentals and use real-life examples for every topic of the week.

How will your class help students solve problems in their current work environments? Or in the healthcare space in particular? 

The weekly topics are aligned with students’ current environment in the healthcare industry. The source of the data used for analytics is from healthcare organizations, discussions, and assignments are set for the students to look into their own healthcare organization to complete the weekly deliverables.  

How do you think this certification will help students in their career path?

The healthcare certification teaches students the data analytics foundations, techniques, and how to extract the right information from a very large amount of data. This certification program is designed to move students from the basics of healthcare data analytics to the technical and non-technical leadership positions, it is the stamp of approval for new skillset.

Is getting the healthcare certification difficult?

No, getting the healthcare certification is not difficult, it requires some attention to the subjects the program is offering, and a few hours of your time every week. 

Getting certification is a fun journey especially with the team of caring instructors.


Brandeis Healthcare Analytics Master’s Certificate is a collaboration between Brandeis GPS and Brandeis International Business School.