Danny DiepDanny Diep, Embedded Software Engineer

Program: Robotic Software Engineering

Graduation: May 2023

One of the reasons I chose GPS was specifically for the Master’s Degree in Robotic Software Engineering. I was drawn to this degree because it is different from Computer Science while also allowing me to gain specialized skills. After graduation, I plan to stay at my current company and hope to get promoted to Principal Engineer. Having a master’s degree will allow me certain opportunities to move forward in my career.  

The best part of GPS was that, throughout my coursework, I had the opportunity to work on real-world projects and gain experience with industry-standard tools and technologies. This practical experience was invaluable in preparing me for a career in the rapidly growing field of robotics. I enjoyed the experience of building robots and programming them, and look forward to using them for future independent projects. 

Another highlight of the Brandeis GPS program was the supportive and dedicated faculty and staff. I always felt that I had access to expert guidance and support, whether it was through office hours, online discussions, or collaborative projects with other students. Class sizes were small, and everyone was extremely knowledgeable and had industry experience.  

Earning a master’s degree has helped me gain experience that will allow me to advance my career. I am glad that I chose to pursue a degree in robotics because it allowed for personal enrichment.

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