In the midst of dramatic events in Ukraine our Shabbat in Odessa started in Litvak Synagogue in an atmosphere of peace and joy. Our group attended services and then was invited to celebrate Shabbat at Odessa Platinum Youth Club. It was amazing to see many young people regaining their Jewish identity after more then […]

Hi all (and hi mum!), First a quick security update: we are proceeding with our program but are certainly taking security warnings very seriously and taking extra precautions. Odessa is located far away from Kiev and we are told has a very different mentality. The feeling on the streets is one of heightened awareness but […]

Hello everyone and welcome to our second day in the beautiful town of Odessa. We had a lot of things going on today, very interesting and eye-opening. Anna Misiuk shared her outstanding journey with us this morning about how difficult it was for Jews to live under the Soviet regime and how challenging it is […]

Today was a day for traveling far, both geographically and ideologically! This morning, after the earliest wake-up on record,* we took a long-distance train from Kishinev to Odessa. We passed through numerous country villages, and stopped a few times in the imaginary republic of Transnistria, but the real highlight of the trip was the opportunity […]

So today we had an intense but fascinating day in Chisinau. After breakfast, we went to the city tour to explore Jewish history of Moldova and its capital. Among many sights, especially memorable was tour inside the old Jewish cemetery. There, we saw the graves of pogroms 1903 and ‘05 victims. We got on and […]

Greetings from Moldova! Today (or several days ago…we’ve been up for so long at this point I’ve lost track!) the 8 Hornstein travelers gathered at JFK to begin our long journey east. After a quick layover in Munich we landed safely–and happily–in Chisinau, Moldova. There was no rest for us and as soon as we […]

Each February, the Hornstein second-year cohort visits the Former Soviet Union, to familiarize themselves with the culture and community. Today, the travelers gathered at JFK airport, eager to begin this year’s trip to Moldova and Ukraine. Together with Prof. Mark Rosen and Program Director Rise Singer, the students will spend the next week exploring the […]

Welcome to our new blog – a place for faculty members and students to share news and discuss issues affecting the field of Jewish professional leadership and Jewish communal service. About Hornstein at Brandeis University: Hornstein’s intensive dual-degree master’s program immerses students in inspiring academic study, field-based experiences, and national and international travel. Students earn […]

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