So today we had an intense but fascinating day in Chisinau. After breakfast, we went to the city tour to explore Jewish history of Moldova and its capital. Among many sights, especially memorable was tour inside the old Jewish cemetery. There, we saw the graves of pogroms 1903 and ‘05 victims. We got on and […]

Welcome to our new blog – a place for faculty members and students to share news and discuss issues affecting the field of Jewish professional leadership and Jewish communal service. About Hornstein at Brandeis University: Hornstein’s intensive dual-degree master’s program immerses students in inspiring academic study, field-based experiences, and national and international travel. Students earn […]

Last day… I am going to assume all of you read my previous blog. Or at least pretend to. So here’s number two. Our final day. 🙁 It is lovely sitting here on the floor of the Kiev airport waiting for airfrance staff to arrive to check us in …yes we prefer the sprawling on […]

Second day in Odessa. Steely sky over our heads, damp cobblestones under our feet, we head out to explore our host city. “Do you know that Sholom Aleichem, used to call himself a Russian Mark Twain. He was very modest– a typical Odessit. ” “Look at this house. Here is where Chekhov wrote his Cherry […]

You know Hornstein has been in Ukraine when…. Every meal is fish, potatoes, and bread Melissa and Ira learn to read Russian on the way to Odessa You drink 7 cups of Americano per day Vodka with kompot Group bonding happens at the outhouse Yes this is just one day in the life of Ukraine…. […]

We started on Wednesday by taking the scenic route to Belaya Tzerkov, about an hour south of Kiev. Snow-covered fields as far as the eye could see — at least, while the road was smooth enough for us to concentrate. The Jewish community of Belaya Tzerkov was reestablished in the 1970s, and there are an […]

Early morning we arrived at Babi Yar , the place where nearly 34,000 Jews were slaughtered in just two days. On this snowy and gloomy day we walked in the path  of our ancestors. As opposed to us, they did not know where they were walking to. Innocently they thought that at the end of […]

We started our first full day by exploring Kiev in the snow. We returned to the Brodsky synagogue where we observed the building’s architecture and learned about how synagogues survived by (visually) blending in.  We then traveled by bus to the center of the city and visited St. Andrew’s church and monestery with its picturesque […]

On a day spanning two flights and three timezones,  faculty, staff and students of the Brandeis Hornstein second-year cohort touched down on the icy grounds of Kyiv (Kiev), and immediately began to immerse in the Jewish life, both past and present, that breathes in this city. Dasha, our fantastically knowledgeable tour-guide energized us on the […]

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