How one Global Studies’ MA uses his degree in his diplomatic career

Elnor Gasanov came to Brandeis’ Global Studies MA program on a Fulbright scholarship from Norway.  In 2012 he wrote a Master’s thesis on human rights and Norway’s global oil industry.  He is now a Norwegian diplomat to Israel.  Here’s how he’s used his degree.
“AfterGasanovTV finishing my MA program, I went back to Norway…after an extensive application process with seven rounds of interviews and tests, I was admitted to the Norwegian Foreign Service in the summer 2013. My first two years, before coming to Tel Aviv in the summer 2015, I worked at the Section for Multilateral Development Finance and Global Economy and then in the Communication Unit.
“My MA program and experience at Brandeis was an important contribution to my overall understanding of global issues and international relations, and  therefore undoubtedly made me a more interesting and relevant candidate. My thesis’ comparison of Norwegian national distinctiveness with other countries’ approaches was also helpful, I think, as it showed my ability to present the Norwegian perspective in an international context. After all, this is partly what diplomats do.”
“I did not talk much about my thesis while interviewing, but I mentioned how the Global Studies program has helped me to better understand the importance of the human, anthropological and cultural aspects of international relations. It is a little too early to say if my degree has helped me in my current post, but some of my responsibilities include trade, economy and commerce, which in the Norwegian case often include the oil sector and oil policy. Having dealt with that during my studies makes me more confident now.”

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