Religious Pluralism: Can we be Tolerant and Faithful?

Peter L. Berger, arguably the world’sParis, France, Muslim Women Demonstrating Against Islamophobie, Holding French Sign in Hijab most famous living sociologist of religion, has brought culture back to the center of discussions of everything from economic prosperity to family life.  In his latest book, The Many Altars of Modernity: Toward a Paradigm for Religion in a Pluralist Age, Berger makes a new argument in favor of religious pluralism.  We can be sincere religious believers and be tolerant of other faiths, Berger argues.  Tolerance of other faiths need not undermine our own commitment to our own beliefs.

“But how tolerant can we be?” the French might ask, as they worry about women’s rights and terror recruitment in the suburbs of Paris.  “How tolerant have you been?” Muslims offended by the strictures of laicite might ask in return.

Tolerance of religions is one of the hottest topics in a globalizing world.  Berger will speak at Brandeis:

Thursday, March 10
2 pm
Pearlman Lounge

If you are able to attend the Berger talk — or are a member of the broader IGS community and want to weigh in — I hope you’ll post a comment using the link above.