Can the Diaspora Contribute to Africa’s Development?

IGS was very pleased to join the Heller School in cosponsoring a day-long conference on Africa’s development.  The economic growth in Nigeria, Rwanda, and throughout East Africa shows that this is probably more than just a commodity boom: we might be looking a real, long-term expansion.

Which leads to some interesting questions.  Why is growth now so much more robust?  And what can be done to make it sustainable — in both the sense of enduring and healthy? Does the African diaspora have a significant role to play?



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  1. Growth is much more robust, due to globalization and the far-reaching abilities of internet that allows us to communicate on a regular basis and at a global scale. African diasporas are increasing, and the biggest population is in Brazil. Other strong African diasporas are seen within the US, Europe, and Australia. Diaspora out of Africa is mostly based on the “skilled migration” visa. The African diaspora has a role in more growth, because the current diaspora in Africa can communicate through mobile technology. Africanizing cell phones and the internet can lead to possibilities beyond simple communications and allow for new opportunities. Robust growth has been a big part of the diaspora as a result of entrepreneurship. Many Africans find little opportunities at home, so they go to another land, where they have more oppportunity. Recently, there is a new kind of migration which is self-determined and diasporas provide a greater inclusive community. Currently, within Africa, growth is only increasing with more technology, especially mobile. The increase of technology is allowing for more innovation. In creating a more sustainable future, more intra African communication would allow for more robust growth. Migration out of Africa is occurring, and it is crucial to find a way to keep well-educated people or, at a minimum, develop a stronger education system to create a more sustainable future. However, currently Africans are moving around, and they need to promote the creation of strong relationships across continents, especially within the diaspora community. Transcontinental and intra African communication need to increase.

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