3 Replies to “TODAY! IGS students talk about helping migrants at the US border”

  1. After hearing Emilia and Alejandra’s experiences at the San Diego/Tijuana border, I came to realize that the border issue is not merely a political confrontation between two nations, but it is also a social concern for humanity that must be addressed. According to the videos they filmed, Mexcian immigrants claimed that people trying to cross borderline is not only for their own survival but also for the family that they left behind. By working in a safe and prosperous society, they can send back money to support their children and family. Overall, through their presentation and the video clip, I start to perceive the border issue as a matter of humanitarian action. Whether or not Mexcian immigrants are problematic like Trump claimed, all of them have a family that they are trying to support. In this case, the approach of the border issue should be implemented with human compassion rather than treating other human beings with forced separation.

  2. I think the best way to resolve the problems is to create more systemic and concrete immigration law. During the presentation, the speakers mentioned that the laws and rules were changing every day, and the asylum seekers had no idea who and when can go into America. Thus, a better law system will avoid the majority of misunderstandings and conflicts between the border officers and asylum seekers. Also, the US should show their willingness to help and provide real assistance in asylums such as cleaner housing and food. At the same time, the speakers said many people even walk from Brazil to Mexico to seek help from the US and believe the US is their only hope. Although it’s kind of brutal, I do think it’s necessary for the US to let asylum seekers aware that it is impossible for America to accept all asylum seekers in a short time. Due to the limited space and the protection of America’s own interests, limiting the number of people entering the US is actually reasonable. I believe the US can encourage more developed nations around the world to help those asylum seekers, which will also give asylum seekers more options to choose.

  3. Emilia and Alejandra talk about their experiences at the San Diego/Tijuana border detailedly. They clearly show the harsh conditions of Mexican immigrants, and how the laws try to prevent these immigrants from entering the US border. It is no doubt that these immigrants who left their hometowns which are poor and backward and try to find better lives have great hopes of being accepted by the US. In the video, these immigrants are really poor — they are struggling for their lives and their families. However, it is impossible for the US government to accept all of these immigrants. To my point of view, the best resolution of the problems at the US border is neither to simply make more restrictions on asylum seekers nor to freely open the asylum for every seeker. If the US government just makes the laws of immigration more strict, it is against to humanitarian ideas and also harmful to the reputation of the US government in the international community. If the US government opens the asylum freely, it will hurt the US government’s interest since resources are limited. Therefore, the best solution is to make some conditions for people who want to migrate to the US. For example, the US government can give priority to people who are more educated or more skilled at some specific jobs since these people are more helpful to the US society.

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