Research Circle on Democracy & Cultural Pluralism – Senior Honors Summer Research Grants

Research Circle on Democracy & Cultural Pluralism, Department of Politics, Brandeis University

 Call for Applications for Senior Honors Summer Research Grants

DEADLINE for submission of applications is Friday, May 4.

The Research Circle on Democracy and Cultural Pluralism invites applications from students in the Social Sciences and Humanities who will be undertaking preparation of Senior Honors Theses in the Fall, and their advisors, for Circle funding to support summer research for the senior honors thesis. Theses must address a question related to the mission of the Circle, as defined on our website.

The Research Circle may provide up to $1000 in funding. While students are not required to devote full time effort to their research, they are expected to develop with their thesis advisors, and complete, an appropriate “research plan” for the summer.

Applications for funding must include a.) clear title of the thesis, research question addressed by the thesis, and name of a Brandeis faculty member committed to serve as thesis advisor; b.) a statement of the overall research plan for the thesis, and the specific summer “research plan” for which funding is sought; and, c.) a letter of support from the thesis advisor, to be sent separately as indicated below.

The proposal must be approved by the thesis advisor, who must also provide a separate confidential letter of recommendation in support of the application.  The application and letter of recommendation are to be sent to Professor Steven L. Burg, via Cheryl Hansen, administrator of the program (

 The Research Circle is supported by a grant from Joseph Neubauer and Jeanette Lerman-Neubauer ‘69



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