Research Circle on Democracy & Cultural Pluralism – Summer Internships Grants

Research Circle on Democracy & Cultural Pluralism, Department of Politics, Brandeis University

Call for Applications For Summer Internships Grants

 DEADLINE for applications is Thursday, April 19

The Research Circle on Democracy and Cultural Pluralism invites applications from students in the Social Sciences and Humanities for Democracy summer internship grants. The Circle may award as many as three summer internships of $3,500 each. Internships must involve work directly related to the mission of the Research Circle, as defined on our website.

Applications must include a.) a clear statement of the work to be carried out during the internship, how it addresses the mission of the Research Circle, and whether/how much funding will be provided by the sponsoring organization; b.) a copy of the letter or email to the applicant from the organization establishing that the internship has been secured; and, c.) a letter/email of recommendation from a member of the Brandeis faculty sent directly to Professor Burg.

Documents are to be sent to Professor Steven L. Burg, via Cheryl Hansen, administrator of the program (

 The Research Circle is supported by a grant from Joseph Neubauer and Jeanette Lerman-Neubauer ‘69



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