Welcome! An Introduction to our Fellows

Welcome to the Brandeis-India Initiative blog! This is a space for news items from the Brandeis-India Initiative, as well as updates from our India Fellows during their time abroad. (More info available about the fellows program under the menu pages.)

At the moment, four Brandeis students are in India. Here’s a little introduction:

  • Hannah Diamond ’14 is participating in the Delhi-based SIT program that studies the relationship between human rights and health in a field-study context. She plans to spend her independent study period in India advocating for the rights of the elderly population, working with HelpAge India.
  • Jeremy Goodman ’14 is also in the SIT program in Delhi, studying the relationship between human rights and health. He is especially interested in Indian health policy, ramifications and existing disparities.
  • Ellie Kaufman ’14 is studying with the IES semester abroad in Delhi and also plans to volunteer or intern with an NGO in Delhi.
  • Marlee Rosenthal ’14 is participating in the The Alliance for Global Education’s program “Contemporary India: Development, Environment, and Public Health.” Her internship will either be 1) BSSK – working with childcare and foster children exploring attachment patterns, nutrition, and medical care or 2) Ether Yoga – evaluating the effectiveness of yoga on chronic diseases.

You should be seeing some updates from them soon! We’ll also be migrating some older blog posts from the Global Brandies 2.0 blog where previous fellows had shared updates. In the meantime, find some here: