Building Relationships – Rhea’s Second Update

officeHello again from Delhi, India. As I type, I can hear raindrops pelting the metal roof of the Udayan Care Head Office. This weather makes everyone in the office want to leave their desks and enjoy the rain with a cup of masala chai. Just as we start getting into work mode, we are all summoned to the conference room. It turns out that it’s the Managing Trustee’s birthday and everyone’s invited to come eat cake and drink some more tea! After the celebration we break for lunch and finally, at 2pm, start doing some work!

As a Communications Intern, my job for the remaining 3 weeks of my internship is to help the Assistant Director of Communication with the Udayan Care Newsletter for July 2013. It was a really fun experience because I got a chance to interact with most of the people at the Head Office because information had to be verified and collected from every department. Unlike my independent project on Donor Recognition, the Newsletter gave me a lot of opportunities to really understand how a non-profit works and how many people are involved in every decision that is taken!

After collecting information from the various departments and revising the articles, the Newsletter was finally completed and sent out to the various list-serves. My month and a half in Delhi definitely served me well. I enjoyed working for Udayan Care so much that I continued working from my hometown Indore, India by helping with the August Newsletter. I feel blessed to have had such an amazing work environment, where I was never treated as an intern but as a full time employee of Udayan Care.

My final meeting with the Managing Trustee, Mrs. Kiran Modi, was life changing in some ways. We discussed my final present on Donor Recognition and went over the July Newsletter. She asked me how I was placed work wise for the Fall semester. I told her that I had 4.5 classes and would be swamped with work but she insisted on me committing to intern with Udayan Care. I was absolutely overwhelmed with this opportunity. My goal would be to serve as a liaison between Udayan Care and various universities abroad. I also got my very own Udayan Care email address! I’m looking forward to a long term relationship with Udayan Care and working with the Udayan Care Team to reach our goals!

-Rhea Sanghi ‘15

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