Fellows 2011-2012

About the 2011-2012 Inaugural BII Fellows


The Brandeis-India Initiative supported seven inaugural 2011-12 student Fellows.  They each received $1,000 for the support of their project, which many students combined with other University-funded programs.

The program, launched in 2011 with support from Indian parents and friends, seeks to raise the number of students pursuing study and work in India. It also hopes to match student passions for social projects with the interest of India alumni and partners, and build mentoring and other relationships. As part of a regular summer internship or study abroad program, students will create an academic or community-based project which can be shared with the Brandeis-India communities.

Jessica Christian ’13 is a HSSP/WGS major and a Science POSSE scholar. With support of summer Science POSSE funding,  she interned in Bangalore with an NGO, called “MILANA,” which works on supporting women living with HIV/AIDS. This internship emerged from a documentary she viewed in a Brandeis WGS class and her involvement in Girl Effect. For her India Fellows project, she connected with alumni in Bangalore and brought the experience back to Brandeis through video-blogging and photography.

Click here to read Jessica’s blog from the summer.

Melissa Donze ’12 is a IGS/Politics major.  She also interned with MILANA, along with Jessica, with support of WOW funding. Her India Fellows project focused on connecting with Indian alumni on HIV/AIDS and global health issues, and coming back to Brandeis to host panel discussions as part of the student global AIDS campaign.

Chenyu “Terry” Li ’14 is an international student from China. His internship was based in Dharamshala, a hill station known for its large Tibetan community. He worked with “Love Volunteers,” an NGO that places college students from around the world in Dharamshala classrooms to help elementary schools with basic computer, math, and language skills.

Learn more about Terry’s experience in India through video:
Part 1: First Impression
Part 2: My Volunteer Experience
Part 3: Incredible India

William Lodge ’13 is an English major and South Asian Studies minor who is studying abroad in Spring 2012 in New Delhi, studying culture and literature. His program has a community service option, which he is hoping to turn into his India Fellows project. He’ll be aiming to volunteer with a school of music and performing arts.

Daniel Tassone ’13 is a Psychology major who is studying abroad in spring 2012 in Pune, studying contemporary Indian culture and public health. As part of his program and his India Fellows project, he’ll be seeking an internship in a psychology dept or research project.

Click here to read Daniel’s blog while he is abroad.

David Wilkerson ’12 is an Anthropology major/pre-med and South Asian Studies minor who traveled to Bangalore to work with “YUVA for SEWA”, an organization that works on medical campus, hospital visits, and doctor support.

Click here to read David’s blog from the summer.
Click here to read about David’s experience in Bangalore in a Brandeis NOW article.

Nusrath Yusuf ’13 is a Neuroscience/IMES major who interned in New Delhi as a Louis D. Brandeis Social Justice WOW Fellow with Operation ASHA, which aims to prevent and eliminate TB. For her India Fellows project, she worked with our new Delhi Alumni Chapter to raise awareness of global health issues, and presented at the EL Symposium and other venues when back at Brandeis.

Click here to read an article by Nusrath about her experience.

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