November 28, 2014

The Makeni Children: International adoption, Sierra Leone

“The Makeni Children,” E. J. Graff, August 9, 2011, The international adoption of 29 children from Sierra Leone to the West in 1998 occurred during a civil war. Adoptive parents believed they were rescuing orphans. But the birth families say they’ve been searching for the children ever since. Graff writes about one adoptive mother’s […]

International Adoption Fraud & Corruption

Where Do Babies Come From?

Over the past decades,hundreds of thousands of large-hearted Westerners—eager to fill out their families while helping a child in need–have adopted from poor and troubled countries. In many cases—especially in adoptions from China or former Soviet bloc countries—these adoptions were desperately needed, saving children from crippling lives in hard-hearted institutions. But too few Westerners are […]

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