Relay for Life Fundraiser

As part of a fundraising event for Relay for Life this spring, Brandeis community members decorate a banner and donate to a good cause

Close-up of the project

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Response to “Gen Y” Article

The four characteristics of “Gen Y’ the article mentions are productivity, communication, career mobility, and career resilience. I consider myself to be productive. I may not be as fast and efficient at generating information as the many people of my generation are, but I do think that I am adept at finding information quickly using the many resources available to me. I also feel that I am a skilled communicator. Trunk makes a valid point when saying that those who grew up using the Internet have been exposed to (at least one form of) written communication from a very young age, usually making them more proficient in it. I find myself writing often, which constantly improves my communication skills. The fact that I enjoy writing also contributes to my communication abilities. Since I’m still in college, I have not had personal experience with career mobility. I can imagine, however, that I would have that characteristic when I enter the working world. I am not particularly fond of change, however. That being said, it is to my benefit to experience as many different careers as I can to find the one that best suits me. In addition, I have not had personal experience with career resilience; something I would imagine could also describe what I might experience in the future.

As a whole, I agree with the article. However, there are parts I think need more clarification. I think that the article focuses on Generation Y’s success in certain fields but fails to mention the many careers in which older age groups are still more skilled. Careers that need employees who are familiar with technology are definitely becoming more and more prevalent, but there is a lot to be said for experience. I do think of myself as Gen Y. I grew up using computers in school and at home. I would characterize my generation as the children of the Baby Boomers, the individuals who grew up with and are still closely associated with technology.

I scored a 17 on the quiz at the end of the article, which according to the ranking system makes me a part of Generation Y. I do agree with these results. I use different forms of technology in daily life as forms of communication and expression. These are characteristics of my friends as well, who are also a part of my generation.

I think that I would have not answered the quiz questions differently. That is not because I think what I have learned in this class has not been extremely useful. Rather, the quiz questions were geared towards daily activities, not my current set of skills. If it had asked me how proficient I am with audio, video, blogging, and the Web, I would have answered differently after taking this class. However, the questions were about subjects like texting and how I use and send messages from my phone.

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Thoughts and feelings about our current assignment

I have learned a lot from the last few classes. I was actually surprised by how much I did not know about using a tripod and a video camera. Working with the cameras in class gave me the confidence I needed to film on my own, which for me has been the most effective ways of really understanding the different aspects of the camera. Although I had some difficulty setting up the tripod, now I understand how it works (and am trying my hardest not to detach any part of it again.) I am excited to continue working on our project and to put it all together to achieve a final result.

So far I feel like I have a good understanding of what we have been learning. The filming has been going well. I am a little worried that I might run into some trouble editing the video because it always seems much simpler in class than when I am on my own. That being said, I feel like I understand the techniques we went through and am pretty confident in my ability to use the tools we learned about. I am somewhat concerned with the level of the audio in our presentation. It sounds good when I listen to it on the video camera, and I am hoping that that will translate onto final cut pro.

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Link to my Audio Slideshow’

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What I Am Learning and What I Would Like To Learn More About

An area in which I am learning something new would definitely be in audio. Although at sometimes I do become frustrated with the amount of questions I feel I am asking, I really think I am benefiting from doing so. I am impressed with myself because I never would have thought I would be able to edit audio or put together narration and quotes successfully, which I think I have done. I think that this skill will definitely provide useful to me in other aspects of my life. Journalism classes constantly discuss the importance of audio in multiple forms of reporting, like radio and broadcast news. I know feel like I know much more than I did before about the topic because I have worked with it so closely. I am also becoming much more comfortable with saving my documents to the server. The mistakes I have made have luckily been fixable ones.

I want to learn more about the full potential of soundtrack pro. I feel much more comfortable working with the program now than I did when I first started off. I was able to normalize and fade my audio, in addition to taking advantage of other editing techniques. However, I feel that at some points during my time working on my project I would not try out certain tools for fear that I would make a permanent mistake. I know that soundtrack pro offers so much, and that we were taught most all of what it does. That being said, I would still like to be able to use it to its full potential without hesitation. I know that this is something I have to learn to do on my own as well as with instruction.

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Sammy Slideshow

Here is the link to the slideshow I created using 280slides:

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Photo Blogpost

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