Thoughts and feelings about our current assignment

I have learned a lot from the last few classes. I was actually surprised by how much I did not know about using a tripod and a video camera. Working with the cameras in class gave me the confidence I needed to film on my own, which for me has been the most effective ways of really understanding the different aspects of the camera. Although I had some difficulty setting up the tripod, now I understand how it works (and am trying my hardest not to detach any part of it again.) I am excited to continue working on our project and to put it all together to achieve a final result.

So far I feel like I have a good understanding of what we have been learning. The filming has been going well. I am a little worried that I might run into some trouble editing the video because it always seems much simpler in class than when I am on my own. That being said, I feel like I understand the techniques we went through and am pretty confident in my ability to use the tools we learned about. I am somewhat concerned with the level of the audio in our presentation. It sounds good when I listen to it on the video camera, and I am hoping that that will translate onto final cut pro.

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