Bio-Inspired Design – Week 7

This week, the Bio-Inspired Design JBS managed to fit in two awesome field trips: the Franklin Park Zoo and the SIMPeds program at Boston Children’s Hospital!

The zoo took us on a tour of the major sections of the park, explaining facts about the animals as we went along. Although seeing the animals was great, the highlight of the trip was a trip behind-the-scenes in the giraffe exhibit. We climbed up onto a balcony so that we could be face-to-face, and we all got to meet Beau, the zoo’s resident male Masai giraffe!

joint photo

On Friday, the class took a trip out to the Boston Children’s Hospital and took a look at the SIMPeds program. We went into a simulation room in the ICU and saw the training tools that physicians themselves use to practice their skills. Following a presentation there, we walked over to the program’s lab and got a chance to see their enormous 3D-printer, along with getting a close-up look at what they’re printing! This includes things like “skin” for suturing practice: simpeds skin for sutures

The work they’re doing for surgical procedures is even more amazing! If a child comes into the hospital with a uniquely formed skull or heart, a surgeon isn’t likely to have seen something like it before. In light of this, the SIMPeds lab takes MRI and CT scans of those organs and 3D-prints models of them for the surgeons! This gives the surgeons a chance to look over the model and plan out their surgery in much greater detail, hopefully reducing the amount of time the patient is actually in the operating room.

Join us next week as we head out to the Concord Field Station!

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