2017 JBS Programs have been announced!

The Summer 2017 JBS Programs have been announced
The Summer 2017 JBS Programs have been announced

The 2017 Justice Brandeis Semester (JBS) programs have been announced!

The JBS programs are engaging, immersive academic programs in which small groups of students explore a topic in depth while working closely with faculty.  In addition to a strong, connected classroom component, students participate in field trips, innovative project work, and engage with guest speakers. Students earn 12 credits toward graduation while building their professional resume.  Most students also earn a semester of residency toward graduation (With enough credits, this allows a student to potentially graduate early – students should consult their Academic Advisor if attempting to graduate early).

Each JBS is tailored to a specific area of interest and is an immersive, hands-on learning experience. Summer 2017 programs include:

  • A “Bio-Inspired Design” JBS program where students study the natural world and then use nature’s example to create innovative products using the resources of the Brandeis MakerLab.
  • A “Psychology Research into School Bullying” JBS where students take two core PSYC classes (Statistics and Research Methods) while learning about, and developing solutions to, the school bullying epidemic.
  • A “Health, Law, and Justice” JBS where students explore the legal, ethical, and policy issues facing American health care. Also, given the recent presidential election, students will consider “What comes next for American health care?”
  • And a “Voice, Web and Mobile Applications” JBS where Computer Science students work in teams to design their own working smartphone apps!

Summer 2016 JBS Applications are now OPEN!

The date many students have been waiting for is finally here.

Applications for the Summer 2016 JBS programs are now open!  To submit your application visit: http://www.brandeis.edu/jbs/apply/application.html

Because of the unique nature of the JBS programs, most programs have a limit to the number of students who can enroll.  The size of each program is limited for a few reasons.

jbsclassFirst, the JBS is an intensive summer program where students receive a lot of direct attention from their instructor.  Last summer, the 6 JBS programs offered had an average of just 11.5 students enrolled!  Even the largest JBS program had only 17 students.  These students were working with 2 Instructors and 3 Teaching Assistants over the course of their JBS.  So students really get personal attention as they learn about the topic of their JBS.


Second, JBS programs do some amazing things that wouldn’t be possible with a large group.  For example, this summer:

  • The Emerging Powers JBS will be travelling to New York City for a few days to meet with journalists, and UN diplomats
  • The Health, Law, and Justice JBS will be meeting with lawmakers on Beacon Hill and experts int eh health care industry.
  • The Sports Writing JBS will have unprecedented access to organized Training Activities at Gillette Stadium while Patriots players train for next season.
  • The Art Today JBS will be travelling to art galleries and artist studios to learn from working professionals what it takes to succeed in today’s art world.
  • The Voice, Web, and Mobile Applications JBS will be creating apps for smartphones and tablets and meeting with key figures in the Boston tech world about how to create a commercially successful app.

Logistically, these unique programs couldn’t be as meaningful and as exciting if each program had too students many enrolled.

In addition to the fact that each program has a limited number of openings, there is also a limited amount of financial aid available for these programs, so early application is encouraged!

Apply today.  Don’t be closed out!

2015 Bio-Inspired Design JBS students continue to work on their designs


The 2015 Bio-Inspired Design JBS students continued working on their design projects from the Summer as part of a Fall experiential learning practicum.

In their JBS students learned about animal anatomy (like cats paws, elephant trunks, snake jaws, gecko feet, hummingbird wings, etc.) and various natural phenomena (flight in birds, etc.).  They then took this knowledge to create products using their own designs and 3-D printing technology.

One of the students, Margot Field, created a website showcasing her group’s work.

2016 JBS Programs have been announced!


The Summer 2016 Justice Brandeis Semester (JBS) programs have been announced!

The programs scheduled for Summer 2016 will be:

  • Art Today with Peter Kalb
  • Emerging Powers and the New World Order: The Politics and Culture of Globalization 2.0 with Chandler Rosenberger, Harleen Singh and Pu Wang
  • Health, Law, and Justice with Sarah Curi, Alice Noble and Andy Hart
  • A Sports Writing Summer in Boston with Peter May
  • Voice, Web and Mobile Applications with Timothy Hickey and Marie Meteer

These JBS are intensive 8-, 9- or 10-week programs that combine thematically linked courses, internships, field-based research experiences, creative work, and community engagement opportunities – all designed to delve deeply into a specific area of inquiry.

More detailed JBS program information can be found at:

Please note that there are limited spaces and financial aid available so early applications are encouraged! 


Congratulations to all of the Summer 2015 JBS students!

2015-JBS-WrapYou’ve accomplished quite a bit over the summer.  From designing mobile apps to creating policy documents on healthcare, from 3-D printing a new type of silent shoe based on animals who walk silently like cats and elephants to delivering research-based marketing plans to Boston area companies.


The Summer School Office is amazed by your accomplishments!