Challenges in Journalism:My Struggle Writing My First News Story

Having never written a news story before, I found my first assignment of one to be a daunting task.  I wasn’t sure I would be able to do it, but in the end I did, though not easily. The first difficulty was choosing a topic to cover.  However many events there were to cover in a timely manner, none seemed very interesting. I knew my article would be better if it was on a topic that interested and engaged me.  Finally, I discovered the International Business School was hosting a speaker, Steve Belkin, who was going to speak about his entrepreneurial background; a subject that I am interested in for my future. I thought this subject wouldn’t be that hard

            Now that I finally found an event it was time to attend the event and actually apply what I had learned in class to the news story. It was a challenge to balance taking notes, taking pictures, capturing emotions, and listening to participants. The easiest part ended up being conducting the interviews. The interviews were interesting because I got to see the persons actually reaction to the question. I was able to see if they were uncomfortable with a question or if they had to think about

            Actually organizing my research on paper with the proper structure was the biggest challenge. Composing a strong lead, dividing the different topics into sections of the article, while still keeping the article a cohesive whole, and formulating an appropriate conclusion, were all struggles for me.  Luckily, I found several helpful websites, such as MEDIA College’s website that give the basic idea of how to write a news story. As much as this website showed the basic ideas to include (ex. the 5 W’s and 1 H) I still struggled with how to put all of my ideas, quotes, and information together. The inverted pyramid and the concept of a nut graph were also new ideas that I had never heard of before. Each concept proved to be crucial to writing a news story.

            Finally finishing the news story was a relief. I am grateful I had the opportunity despite the challenges, because it provided a new learning experience. The news story didn’t just show me a different writing style and structure, but it also provided me with a new experience on how to listen to a speaker and even just attend an event.  I also made me more aware to how others perceive it as well. In the end the real challenge was mastering the subject that I was writing about about. Even though I went to an event that I already knew background information on, the most helpful aspect was learning more about the subject. I understand now that writers  have to be well versed in the subject they write about.


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