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Faculty’s Research Goes Viral with Support from Brandeis Library’s Open Access Fund

March 19th, 2018 · No Comments

Brandeis University politics professor Jytte Klausen has been named one of Taylor & Francis Group’s 100 Women in Science.

Her article, “Tweeting the Jihad: Social Media Networks of Foreign Fighters in Syria and Iraq,” is featured as the fifth-most-downloaded research article from the last five years with a female lead author in STEM and the social sciences—with more than 35,500 downloads and more than 37,000 views.

Klausen attributes her research’s viral success to the Brandeis Library’s support of open access, the idea that all research should be freely available and accessible online once published.

Communicating results is an essential part of the research process. However, cost or use restriction can prevent can prevent the full community of potential users from accessing the information.

The Brandeis Library promotes open access through several initiatives, including the Brandeis Open Access Fund, which supports scholarly publishing for faculty, staff and students in established scholarly journals that are not supported through subscriptions.

“By removing price and permission barriers, open access makes scholarship more accessible and propagates research in an egalitarian way,” says Matthew Sheehy, Brandeis National Committee University Librarian. “The Library is proud to support our community with the Open Access Fund to help with article processing charges (APC) whenever possible.”

Thanks to support from the fund, the fee of nearly $3,000 that peer review journals required to release Klausen’s research without a paywall was covered.

At Brandeis, Klausen is the Lawrence A. Wien professor of International Cooperation.

Now available to a larger audience, the article has gained more than 220 citations, according to Google Scholar. It also was recently translated and posted to an Arabic website for scholarly publications, where editors shared that it had more than 2,000 hits within a few days.

To apply for funding, submit a request to the open access form at .

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