In December 2012 Brandeis signed contracts with ExLibris to implement Alma and Primo.

baconAlma will replace our current legacy ILS Aleph and a few related systems, and Primo will replace both the Aleph OPAC and our next-gen catalog LouFind.

No matter how much research you’ve conducted, demos you’ve attended, RFP responses you’ve read, migrating to a new ILS is a leap of faith.  You never really know what you bought until you’ve got it in your hot little hands.

We started our Primo implementation in March 2013. We’re bringing it up against Aleph, so we can offer expanded discovery functionality to our users now, and when we Go Live with Alma the transition should be pretty invisible to our community.

Stay tuned here for updates on our Primo progress during the spring semester, and the Alma implementation following that.

Hopefully we’ve chosen… wisely.