Hello from an LNF Intern!

Hey! I’m Rachel and I’m currently a freshman at Brandeis. I’m also one of two social media interns for the LN fellowship group, so I’ll be managing this blog and the LNF Facebook pages.

You’re probably a senior right now, deciding where to go to college, starting your senior slump, and taking senior pictures like the one I took on the left. You got a lot on your plate, but  give me a minute to tell you about Brandeis and why it might be the right college for you.

I come from Lexington, MA (only 20 minutes from Brandeis! I didn’t go far…) and graduated from Concord Academy. Like most LN fellows, I had some good options for college but chose Brandeis for its exceptional academics and opportunities like the LN fellowship. In the semester that I’ve been here, Brandeis has proven to be the right fit for me.

Brandeis students as a whole cover a broad range of interests, and the group of LN fellows is a great example of that. During my LNF pre-orientation and my LNF first year seminar class, I met fellows interested in astronomy, theater, political science, business, philosophy… the list goes on. And in terms of extra-curricular activities, there are fellows who dance, play sports, do improve comedy, research in science labs, and one who is even writing and illustrating a children’s’ book! Talking to other fellows is a great way to learn about new subjects and figure out what activities to try or classes to take. As part of the LN fellow group, you’ll be amongst some of Brandeis’s top students–you’re bound to learn a lot!

About me… I’m currently planning on majoring in math. I love theoretical math and have been able to take some abstract courses now that I’m in college. I’m still not sure what I want to do career-wise. But thankfully at Brandeis, I have the academic freedom to chose a major that interests me and still have time take other classes in new subjects.

As an LN fellow, you have the opportunity to take one of two special first-year seminars, taught with some of Brandeis’s most esteemed faculty. My seminar was on Darwin’s Origin of the Species. We read all the way through Darwin’s argument and learned about the historical context for his ideas, as well as competing evolutionary theories. Maybe that sounds dry the way I described it, but this has been hands-down my favorite class of the entire year. My final paper assignment was to write a blog on topics in evolution! So much fun. My professor, James Morris, is a huge favorite among students. Having taken a class with him myself, I can verify for you that he’s an excellent lecturer and pretty cool guy as well. This was a great experience. Trust me, when your freshman year consists mostly of 200-person intro-level classes, having a small seminar class is amazing.

My favorite non-academic activity is blogging. Before coming to Brandeis, I didn’t know if blogging could really be an extra-curricular activity on campus. I’ve found that there are plenty of other students who love blogging like I do! I write for the Brandeis branch of Her Campus, which is a blog for college women. And even within my LN fellowship, I have had the opportunity to be a social-media intern and blog for the LN fellows! Brandeis has surprised and impressed me with the number of activities offered.

So you’ve heard me rave about Brandeis… and of course that’s because I’m already here! But this time last year, I was in your shoes: I couldn’t decide where to go to college! I was stuck between choosing Brandeis or choosing another very competitive college. In the end, it was actually talking with LN fellows that tipped the scales for me. I went to Admitted Students Day at Brandeis and met some fellows who were gracious enough to email me, talk to me, and even give me a tour of Brandeis only days before the enrollment deadline! I got such a better picture of Brandeis–something more real and more interesting than anything you could put in a college view-book. The enthusiasm of the LN fellows also proved to me that Brandeis would be an inviting community. So really, if it’s the end of April, and you’re feeling the way I did last year, don’t hesitate to contact us. I’m sure all of us would love to talk to you and answer questions truthfully… and treat you to an Einstein’s bagel.

So that’s me. I hope you got a better sense of what it means to be a freshman at Brandeis, and an LN fellow. Check out and “like” the LNF Facebook page to learn even more. Get in touch with Misty, too!

Good luck making your decision. I hope you chose Brandeis, because I’d love to meet you.