Being “Real” People (aka eXperiential eXpo)

It’s no secret that Brandeis students accomplish great things and have amazing experiences. LN Fellows are no exception. Each Fall semester the university hosts a symposium called “eXperiential eXpo” (yes, the “x’s” are supposed to be like that), which highlights the experiential and community-based learning with which Brandeis students constantly engage. The event showcases student experiences in internships, volunteering, research, and many other projects conducted both in the US and abroad.  This year, several Fellows presented including Alexander Schneider and Samuel Stemper.


A Social Justice WOW Internship
“As part of the Social Justice WOW internship program, I presented my experiences working at the National Consumers League this summer at the Experiential Expo.  I, for one, never thought I’d make another poster after high school, but I was surprised at not only how useful my own poster was in reflecting on an internship that ended in August but also in learning about the diverse set of experiences other Brandeis students have had.  In my own presentation, I tried to give an overview of the topics of my own advocacy in telecommunications fraud, food safety and transparent pricing to those who attended and showed an interest in my work.  I was pleased also to meet Jules Bernstein, a major supporter of the NCL, who was interested to hear about the experience and who hopefully will continue to make possible future Brandeis internships at the organization.” – Alexander Schneider, ’12

A Summer at Goldman Sachs

“This summer I worked at Goldman Sachs in New York, on a Compliance team covering trading desks in Fixed Income, Currency, and Commodities. Due to the nature of my work, I had the opportunity to explore a lot of current issues facing financial regulation. For this reason, I decided to highlight one thematic challenge facing both regulators and banks alike–Basel Capital Requirements. The Basel Committee is an international group charged with setting global standards for banking regulators. Due to the globalized nature of modern banking, there has been a great deal of controversy regarding the proper implementation of these standards as they begin implementation.” – Samuel Stemper, ’13