A Misérable Dream On My Own? Yes, please.


At the End of the Day I Dreamed a Dream On My Own about Valjean and these Lovely Ladies like Fantine in a Castle on a Cloud but then it turned into a Confrontation and Javert could only Look Down from his over-zealousness as high as the Stars. The dream then went Red and Black and Marius thought to himself “In My Life, I’ve never had a Heart Full of Love like I do now.”  He could barely hear  his friends asking “Do You Hear the People Sing?” or Eponine’s wish that she wasn’t “On My Own” without him, since all he really wanted was to have Cosette One Day More.  Eventually Enjolras brought him to the barricade just in time for the First Attack in which Eponine was fatally wounded, causing Marius to shed tears that were more than A Little Fall of Rain. After the battle was done and most had died, Valjean rescued him to Bring Him Home to Cosette, no one witnessed Javert’s Suicide, and after Marius was done tossing and turning from his wounds, found nothing but Empty Chairs at Empty Tables. Finale, Cosette and Marius get married, Valjean took Fantine and Eponine’s hands to lead him to salvation where chains would never bind him, and everyone would get One Day More!

Ok…if you’ve never seen Les Misérables, sorry, I just ruined the plot for you. Actually it’s really ok. The truth is that it does not matter how much you know or think you know about Les Mis. It’s doesn’t matter if you’ve never seen it or if you’ve seen the production at its home in London in the West End or if you watch the 10th and 25th Anniversary on repeat on YouTube for a few months…I mean, wait…what? The magic and incredible musical that is Les Mis cannot be replicated, outdated, or spoiled – even by a poorly constructed summary attempting a play on words.

This month we went as a fellowship to go see the Broadway on Boston production and all I can say is that It. Was. Amazing.  We hopped in our little LN mobile (really just a bus that Misty rents for these outings, but it’s still legit) and went into Boston to see this sold-out show. When I say sold out, I mean swarms of people in the entrance that made it difficult for some of us seniors to make it to the concession stands to buy…um…M&Ms. When we finally got to our seats (pretty legit seats, mind you) we were seated mostly together – except for Shayna who somehow ended up in a chair off to the side.

When the show finally started, it was incredible. By the time we were on the bus home, no one could stop talking about how Fantine’s “I Dreamed a Dream” and death were almost as heartbreaking as Eponine’s “On My Own” and subsequent “A Little Fall of Rain” as she died in Marius’s arm. About Valjean’s falsetto was unreal and how the waterworks started about 10 minutes into the 2nd act and didn’t stop until the curtain closed.  (I’m pretty sure Jordan and I had tissues in our hands for a good 1/3 of the play and we weren’t the only ones.)Personally, I would rank it in at least Top 5 LN events of the past four years.

The only issue the seniors present had was this: what are we supposed to do without this when we graduate?