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January 26th, 2015 · 1 Comment

penguinsNeed to work remotely?
LTS can help.

If you’re not able to come to campus but still need to work on files, keep meeting appointments, etc., LTS has a few options worth considering. When campus is closed, these services will still be available, as long as there is power and network connectivity on campus.  Note that if campus is closed, the helpdesk phone line and ServiceDesk ticketing system will still be monitored, on most days from 9 am to 9 pm, so if you need help, call 781-736-HELP (x64357).

Hold online classes, office hours, and meetings
During extreme weather, Blue Jeans online conferencing services remain available for essential University activities including meetings, office hours, individual or group consultation, virtual classrooms, and more. To use Blue Jeans, visit and log in with your Brandeis account.

As a cloud-based service, Blue Jeans is not restricted by local weather conditions.  Please be aware that your Blue Jeans experience may be affected by weather-related issues with your home broadband connection. You can request help online. LTS staff will assist to the best of their ability.

Use Google Drive or Box to make selected files available in the cloud
Both Google Docs and Box are site-licensed for the entire campus, and if you haven’t used them before, it’s not hard to get started.
Using Brandeis Google Drive
Using Brandeis

Use VPN to access all your shared files on Omega
If you have ever had to connect to BUSS or Sage from off-campus, you probably have already installed and used Brandeis’s Virtual Private Networking client, Junos Pulse.

Once you have Junos Pulse installed and running, you need to point your web browser to (please note that popups from must be enabled in your browser).

Connecting to Omega with Wormhole:

  • Go to
  • Log in using your Brandeis username and password.
  • Once connected to Wormhole, click on the link Omega File Server
  • Finally, select the shared space you have access to. (If you do not see the link to
    Omega, please follow the directions below.)

Help! I can connect to Wormhole, but I don’t see Omega / my fileshare!

  • In the text field to the left of the browse button in the top right of the page, enter (without quotes) ‘\\omega\’
  • Click ‘browse’.
  • Click on the appropriate fileshare.
  • In the top right of the page click the add bookmark button.
    Name the bookmark as you see fit and click ‘Add Bookmark’.
  • A direct link to this fileshare will now appear whenever you log into

Use Remote Desktop to Access Files and Applications on your Desktop Computer
Not for the faint of heart, but if you really need to be able to run applications on your work computer from home, or access files that are not in Google Drive, Box, or Omega, then you need Remote Desktop software installed both on your work machine and on whatever computer you will be connecting from at home. More instructions are available. Just don’t forget, you also need to leave your work computer turned on when you leave, and it needs to be set to “Wake on LAN” so that it comes out of powersave mode when you try to connect to it from home.

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  • Lucy Goodhart // Feb 9th 2015 at 11:40 am

    More of a question — love this page. Does bluejeans conferencing allow me to have slides open in a pdf or in powerpoint and talk over them for my class as part of the conference?

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