While teaching has long been a private discipline, performed behind the closed door of the classroom, here at DeLeT, as we prepare teachers for Jewish day schools, we make teaching public. We believe that teachers who know how to talk with their colleagues about their practice are positioned for future growth. For that reason, we hold a public event each semester, called “Snapshots of Emerging Practice,” in which DeLeT students reflect on some aspect of their learning, either through their academic work or from their internships in classrooms.

In these two video clips, you will see Joey Regen and Linnea Bredenberg sharing their thoughts about one of our DeLeT teaching standards: Planning for student learning.

Joey’s comment highlights a feature of DeLeT that distinguishes us from a secular program: we are interested in nurturing teachers who notice and create opportunities for integration of Jewish and general content and who are able to knit Jewish values into the everyday fabric of the classroom.

Another feature of DeLeT is our commitment to providing experiences in which our students learn about teaching in the context of practice. Linnea describes what she learned from planning and teaching a mini-unit for her young students.

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