Dr. Srinivas Gorur Shandilya

Post Doctoral Researcher

Volen Center for Complex Systems 
Brandeis University,
Mailstop 013
415 South Street
Waltham MA 02454

Tel: (781) 736-3134
Fax: (781) 736-3142


2017 PhD Yale University
2010 MSc The University of Göttingen
2008 BSc St Stephen’s College, Delhi Unviersity


A link to my website: http://srinivas.gs/
A link to my Github page: https://github.com/sg-s/
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Srinivas is interested in the interplay between homeostatic mechanisms and modulation in identified neuronal systems.

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Olfactory receptor neurons use gain control and complementary kinetics to encode intermittent odorant stimuli
Srinivas Gorur-Shandilya (1), Mahmut Demir (1), Junjiajia Long, Damon A Clark (2) and Thierry Emonet (2)
(1) = equal contribution (2) = equal contribution
eLife 2017
Presynaptic GABA receptors mediate temporal contrast enhancement in Drosophila olfactory sensory neurons and modulate odor-driven behavioral kinetics
Davide Raccuglia, Li Yan McCurdy, Mahmut Demir, Srinivas Gorur-Shandilya, Michael Kunst, Thierry Emonet, and Michael Nitabach
eNeuro 2016
The Drosophila IR20a Clade of Ionotropic Receptors Are Candidate Taste and Pheromone Receptors
Tong-Wey Koh, Zhe He, Srinivas Gorur-Shandilya, Karen Menuz, Nikki K. Larter, Shannon Stewart and John R. Carlson
Neuron 2013
Inferring network topology from complex dynamics
Srinivas Gorur-Shandilya and Marc Timme
New Journal of Physics 2010