Dr. Philipp Rosenbaum

Post-Doctoral Researcher


Volen Center for Complex Systems
Brandeis University
Mailstop 013
415 South Street
Waltham MA 02454

Tel: (781) 736-3134
Fax: (781) 736-3142

Diploma, University of Cologne, 2008

PhD, University of Cologne, 2013

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Rosenbaum P, Schmitz J, Schmidt J, Büschges A (2015) Task-dependent modification of leg motor neuron synaptic input underlying changes in walking direction and walking speed. J Neurophysiol 114 (2), 1090-1101

Hamood AW, Haddad SA, Otopalik AG, Rosenbaum P, Marder E (2015) Quantitative Reevaluation of the Effects of Short- and Long-Term Removal of Descending Modulatory Inputs on the Pyloric Rhythm of the Crab, Cancer borealis. eNeuro 0058-14.2015

Marder E, Haddad SA, Goeritz ML, Rosenbaum P, Kispersky T (2015) How can motor systems retain performance over a wide temperature range? Lessons from the crustacean stomatogastric nervous system. J Comp Physiol A, 1-6

Gruhn M, Rosenbaum P, Bollhagen HP, Büschges A (2011) Studying the neural basis of adaptive locomotor behavior in insects. J Vis Exp 50, doi: 10.3791/2629

Rosenbaum P, Wosnitza A, Büschges A, Gruhn M (2010) Activity patterns and timing of muscle activity in the forward walking and backward walking stick insect, Carausius morosus. J Neurophysiol 104: 1681-1695

Hooper SL, Guschlbauer C, Blümel M, Rosenbaum P, Gruhn M, Akay T, Büschges A (2009) Neural control of unloaded leg posture and of leg swing in stick insect, cockroach and mouse differs from that in larger animals. J Neurosci 29:4109-4119

Mechanisms of neuromodulator evoked activity

STG Circuit architecture

Variability of neuron morphology and biophysical properties