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Hi- my name is Elan Kane and I’m a senior majoring in American Studies and minoring in Journalism. I first became interested in journalism after studying sports journalism freshman year. Since then I have had a number of different sports journalism internships/writing opportunities. Since my focus so far has been on sports journalism, I’m hoping to expand my journalism experiences to cover more general topics.

I’m still looking for some more story leads on campus, but I have had a few ideas for outside-campus stories. One of my ideas is to find out more information about the reservoir that is near Brandeis. Many students go there to swim or hang out, and I would like to find out more about what the reservoir is used for and the history behind it. Another story idea that I had (which is actually on-campur) was to interview a orthodox Jewish basketball player who just recently transferred from Tulane to play at Brandeis.

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  1. Hi Elan, I think the reservoir idea sounds very promising, since this topic would allow you to do some investigative journalism. It’s also a visually rich location that lends itself well to photojournalism. Have you considered asking any alumni about it in order to trace the history of how undergrads have used it? You might also look around for some old or archival photos of the reservoir–perhaps ask Maggie McNeely (the University archivist) for some leads.

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