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Hi everyone. I am a senior studying IGS and computer science, with minors in journalism and economics. I am interested in covering any subject, from technology to politics, science to social issues, but not including sports. On campus, I would like to cover the series of concert which started at the Rose Art Museum two weeks ago, and which had its second installment yesterday. I already have an interview of the student who instigated¬†the project, which I had to do for another class.¬†I am still missing a clear idea for an off campus story idea, but I was thinking along the lines of, either low-income housing in waltham and preparing for the winter, or about Brandeis’ relationship with Waltham police.

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  1. Hi Basile, the concert series at the Rose Art Museum would be a great topic. The Light of Reason area is a visually rich spot that will lend itself well to photojournalism. You may already know that BTV has been videorecording these concerts. You might ask James Conlon or some of the other students involved if you could take a look at the videos to get some ideas about how to shoot these shows.

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