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Hello Mark and fellow El 12B classmates! This is my first post, and the second post to our class blog. What are my interests as a journalist? Generally, I want to rise to the challenge of being responsible for transmitting [accurate] information that people rely on. I am interested in art, culture, and learning about peoples’ individual lives and backgrounds. Furthermore, covering an event or a story as a journalist helps me get a more complete understanding of what I am reporting on because I am forced to gather as many details as possible.

Recently I attended the Rose Art Museum Fall Opening (Basile had the same idea). Instead of merely passing in front of the masterpieces as I normally would have done, I ended up meeting several of the artists whose work was exhibited. I even met a woman who modeled for one of the featured paintings (I felt slightly awkward because her body was very exposed in the painting).

I am still trying to think of an off-campus story. Waltham seems to be a very ethnically diverse city, with large populations of Indians and Latin Americans. Perhaps a piece about how and why certain groups of people ended up in Waltham…?

See you all tomorrow.

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  1. Hi Jacob, I think both story ideas sound promising. If you choose to focus on the Rose, think about who you might interview–one of the artists, or someone like the model who you met at the opening? And think about how you might shoot the inside of the Rose and feature the artwork in your piece. You’ve already demonstrated a knack for portraiture photography, so you might explore the possibility of shooting the artists in the context of their work if it’s practical for you to do so.

    Regarding your off-campus story idea, a portrait-of-community sort of piece might be really exciting–focusing on either the Indian or Latin American community in Waltham. Neighborhoods, shopping, cuisine, recreation, family histories–lots of possibilities for both interview topics and visuals.

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