Video Ideas – Jaime

Hi all, so I have a couple ideas for video projects … they might change, but this is what I have so far:

1. Interviews with employees and community members of the Watch City Housing Clinic, a community action group in Waltham dedicated to affecting the affordable housing issue on a local non-profit level. I interned there last year a little bit and it’s a really inspiring place with people who have a particular perspective on Waltham that is probably pretty different from most student’s. B roll shots might include housing units, scenic images of town, community meetings.

2. Brandeis Peace Circle – Interview with Gordie Fellman, long-time sociology professor who apparently created the peace circle many years ago. I don’t know too much about this one, but it always sparks my curiosity when I walk past. B-roll could include shots of going through archival material, people convening at the circle, etc.

Elan Kane Video Story Ideas

I’m struggling to think of some ideas for my video story. One idea I had is to report on the on-campus publications (the Justice and Hoot) — how they work, how they differ, how they compare, and the relationships between them. I would interview the editors-in-chief of each respective newspaper, and as a B-roll film the editing process.

Another idea I had was to report on the A-board budget cuts this year. A number of clubs received┬ásignificantly less money than the amount they requested. The process is controversial as six students essentially make these budget decisions. This was only one idea — not sure if I love it honestly.