Basile interview prospect

I will be spending the weekend with the orthodox community of Monsey, NY. I want to use the opportunity to ask about the lifestyle and what it entails in the long term. I don’t know how much I actually will be able to film since I won’t be able to use a camera from Friday evening to Saturday evening, but I should have time before and after.

I would ask questions about the community. How it feels to live in an enclave isolated from the rest of the world; if people ever leave; where they stand politically. I will also inquire about the celebrations, how it makes them feel and whatnot.

Basile Interview questions

Hi all,

My plan is to discuss the series of concerts taking place at the Rose Art Museum. The second installment, this past weekend, was the first to feature an artist not based at Brandeis. I already interviewed Fritz Oleshansky, the student behind the idea and at the head of SCRAM (the student body involved with the museum,) prior to the concert. Here are some follow up questions

  • the goal of these lamplight sessions is to get people to the Rose, since not a single student entered the museum after the concert, are you looking to change your approach?
  • It seems most people who come are friends with the performers. Will having a Brandeis-based opening act every time be the way to get people there? How else would you get students motivated.
  • In our first interview, you mentioned being in touch with the Rose in the hopes of bringing the concerts inside. Has that idea advanced at all?
  • How would you accommodate for a bigger crowd?
  • The artist, Scott James, admitted to it being one of his first concerts, in spite of his already decent online following. Is it the kind of  artist you will try to get in the future?
  • I noticed that the genre the artist played was similar to your own personal taste. What is the selection process like?

Basile’s Post

Hi everyone. I am a senior studying IGS and computer science, with minors in journalism and economics. I am interested in covering any subject, from technology to politics, science to social issues, but not including sports. On campus, I would like to cover the series of concert which started at the Rose Art Museum two weeks ago, and which had its second installment yesterday. I already have an interview of the student who instigated the project, which I had to do for another class. I am still missing a clear idea for an off campus story idea, but I was thinking along the lines of, either low-income housing in waltham and preparing for the winter, or about Brandeis’ relationship with Waltham police.