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Check out this video for helpful information about the Brandeis University Health Center!

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Volunteer Fest

Hi New Students!                                                                                                   

Learn about Orientation’s “Volunteer Fest,” this year’s community service initiative! Specific details regarding “Volunteer Fest” will be coming to you shortly in your Pre-Arrival Guides, so make sure to look it up! This year the Director of Community Service, Lucas Malo, and I (Sarah Watt) are really amping it up by planning a whole day full of various community service opportunities to help orient you to the Waltham and Greater Boston area.

If you are interested please sign-up as soon as possible because there are only 150 spots!  You can sign up at this link:

See you all soon! – Sarah Watt

See What’s Happening!

Hey New Students!
My name is Herbie Rosen and I am the Coordinator of the Fall 2010 Brandeis New Student Orientation! I am a member of the Core Committee, also consisting of Marc Eder, Jordan Warsoff, Sarah Watt and Jeremy Weinberg. Together we are planning, creating and facilitating your Orientation. Use this blog to check out what we’re doing! Below is a small welcome from each Core member, along with a little blurb of what they are up to. Check it out! Feel free to email with any questions/concerns! Enjoy your summers and see you in August!                – Herbie Rosen

Hello New Students!
My name is Marc Eder and I am a member of the Core Committee planning New Student Orientation for the fall. Along with my fellow Core members, we are designing what we believe will be the most exciting Orientation yet! There will be games, prizes, speakers, food, and boat cruises around Boston (not to mention your awesome Orientation Leaders!). I hope this email finds you all well and enjoying your summer. We can’t wait to meet you all this August! See you all then! – Marc Eder

Hey New Students! My name’s Jordan and I’ve got all sorts of fun things I’m working on for Orientation! For example, I’m planning a huge carnival with all sorts of fun activities like minigolf, food, giveaway and a raffle among other things. I am also planning a comedy night featuring Brandeis graduates such as Josh Gondelman (you should look him up)! I’ve been working on some other social events as well as an entertaining skit to help teach the integrity values we have at Brandeis. Can’t wait to see you guys in August!- Jordan Warsoff

Hey New Students! I hope all of you are getting excited about Orientation and the beginning of your college careers! My name is Sarah Watt and I am helping plan a variety of great programs for y’all to enjoy during Orientation! As of now the social programs that I am heading are really beginning to take shape. One program will feature a feast consisting of food from some of Waltham’s finest eateries, along with fun activities and prizes! Another program will take place in your quads and will give you a chance to mix with your fellow quadmates and CAs while sipping on fresh iced coffee or lemonade. Get excited! It’s going to be great! – Sarah Watt

Hi new students!I am so excited to see you all in a couple of months, and wanted to get you some information on what I am doing this summer. I am working on a session about academic advising at Brandeis, a global awareness program, and the MOSAIC program that begins during orientation but continues throughout the year. Academic advising is a really big part of what makes Brandeis so unique. The program will try and give you all a better sense of the people who are there for you throughout your time at Brandeis. The global awareness program will be exploring global issues and diversity. I am trying to make an interactive activity so you learn about issues and, more importantly, how you can make a difference.  More info on MOSAIC coming soon! I hope you are all super excited for what I know will be an amazing Orientation! – Jeremy Weinberg

Meet Your Core

Core Committee 2010

Fall 2010 New Student Orientation Core Committee

Left to Right: Herbie Rosen (Coordinator), Jeremy Weinberg, Sarah Watt, Jordan Warsoff, Marc Eder

The Beginning


We are the Orientation Core Committee for the Fall 2010 Brandeis New Student Orientation.

Through this blog, new students and their families/friends will be able to stay up to date with all of the cool programs and ideas the Core is coming up with.

Information and news about Orientation will be posted here, and through this blog, we hope that the new students can get to know us as a Core.

To everyone reading this, get excited because this Orientation will be fantastic!

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