“Disrupting the Script” March 19, 2012

March 16th, 2012
B&A 2012
The “Disrupting the Script” conference will take place this coming Monday, March 19th. At the heart of the conference is a theater performance portraying a woman’s and her community’s reaction to her rape. This conference will help participants to disrupt the cultural scripts and narrative structures deeply embedded in our history that hinder justice for Black women who experience rape or sexual assault. We ask that participants pre-register to help us plan better, but you may also register at the door.
We will videotape parts of the conference and post them to the Feminist Sexual Ethics website after the conference, so that teachers can bring the insights of the conference into their classrooms, religious congregants into their communities, and activists into their group discussions. In addition, we will live-stream parts of the conference to: www.brandeis.edu/projects/fse/.

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